How to Market Your Home

Website Presence: When we market your home for sale online, thousands of potential buyers can preview your home worldwide on our Website.  Over 80% of all buyers of real estate surf the Web before buying their next home. 


Marketing Brochures: We will present the very best features about your home to inquiring parties using informative and inspiring full color Email and print brochures of your home.


Direct Mail Campaign: One of the many ways we will market your home is through our sophisticated direct E-mail and print market campaign.


Printed Materials: While a web presence and direct mail campaign are very important in marketing, printed newspapers and magazines are a staple in real estate sales.  By utilizing a variety of publications throughout the state, we have been successful in reaching buyers with the homes they are searching for.


Other Brokers Working to Sell Your Home: We will present your home to top agents in the area and their numerous clients.


Appreciation and Attention of Quality: We have been involved in the construction and remodeling of custom homes. This experience gives us the insight on how to best highlight the quality and unique features your home has to offer and how to convey these special features to prospective purchasers–features about your home that might otherwise go unrepresented by the untrained eye.



Ready to sell? Find out your home's current worth below. 



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