Reasons to Buy a Home

Are you ready for your dream home?  


Taking the first step, or perhaps a new direction, towards home ownership is a big decision. It is important to have the right realtor that understands your needs, budget, and expectations. 


The recent housing bubble sent the price and demand for rentals sky high. With this raise in rent and the drop in interest rates, now is the best time purchase a home. 


In addition, when you pay rent, you don’t own anything. When you pay a mortgage, you increase your degree of ownership in your home with every payment. Also, you can borrow against your ownership (or equity) in the home to pay for major purchases, or refinance your home at favorable rates, or once you’ve paid the entire mortgage off, borrow to fund major purchases like a second home or a child’s education.


Another incentive to buying a home is the tax deductions. Once you purchase your home, you can deduct mortgage interest as well as your property taxes. These are great reasons to buy a home, but perhaps the most exciting is the passion that comes with home ownership.  You can paint your walls, decorate, and truly create your personal space.  


Are you ready to get started? Search available properties.  Need more information? See my home buyers guide. 


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